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    We tried Delicias JP last night and were delighted!! The food was without exception some of the best Dominican food I’ve ever had, and I say this as a Dominican!!! We ordered about 10 items to sample and share for a diverse group of 4, and without fail each item was a hit with all of us! I tried a taste of the chicken mofongo and thought that was good, but the Trifongo made me stop talking, it was sooo good! Really enjoyed it all. We finished with Mama’s Arroz con Leche which was the best way to top off this delicious meal, it was creamy, fresh and flavorful without being too sweet.
    Such a treat!! We’re telling everyone!! And we will definitely be back!!

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    Their pork mofongo brought tears to our eyes., this was the best Mofongo we've ever had.

    Let's go back to the beginning. I'm perusing a local JP facebook page, and I see a post about a new Dominican restaurant opening up on the main drag in JP. My fiance is in town, and aside from always getting sushi, we like to eat Mofongo. Good mofongo. I mean, we'll eat anything really...but we can't pass up a place that has BOTH mofongo AND oxtail.

    Initially we walk past it on our way to get breakfast at another spot, but we stop in first to get a menu, knowing that we'll be back for dinner. Welp, we had to try their empanadas natch. FANTASTIC, light, hot, crispy, and not too big. The spinach/cheese and beef empanadas were perfect little parcels on our way to breakfast. The people were super friendly, and albeit skeptical when we said that we would return for dinner.

    8.30pm on the nose we arrive at their door, eager to order our mofongo. They packaged up our oxtail, beans and rice and a little side salad ready to go and we chatted with Sarah (awesome, smart staff) about work, life, school while they make our mofongo FRESH. IDK, maybe 10 minutes later our steaming mofongo comes out, placed in a container and we go on our merry way.

    Smells GLORIOUS! With mouths watering we open up the container a few minutes later at home and HOLY AMAZING DELICIOUS JUICY MOFONGO. It was moist, not fatty, crispy pork crackling, fantastic flavour, not too salty. I can't stress enough how glorious this was. It came with a little container of golden deliciousness. Now, usually with Mofongo it's either drenched in garlic butter or you get a container of garlic butter on the side. You smell like you're trying to ward off vampires for weeks. But no, this was a glorious juicy parcel...resplendent with a soupcon of garlic, butter, and broth. A perfect accompaniment to literally anything on the planet, but a perfect marriage with the Mofongo. I must now capitalize Mofongo, because theirs is the Mofongo to rule them all. Just...DO IT.

    Not to be outdone, we also ordered their oxtail. I've had my fair share of oxtail stews from different regions of the world, but I have rarely had one with such complex flavour. IT was perhaps a tomatoey base full of spice and flavour. Juicy and tender meat and a generous helping of stew/sauce was accompanied by straight up mama's cooking rice and beans. Now, I'm always here for an honest review, and the oxtail/rice and beans were a bit cold. Did we notice? ABSOLUTELY NOT, because we gulped everything down so quickly. Only briefly breaking to exclaim how perfect the meal was. For less than $25 for 2 people, we were happy to leave a generous tip and will be BACK FOR ALL OF THE FOOD.

    Look, they sell stewed mushrooms and a dish of okra. I HATE both of those items, but if 100% Delicias makes them, I'd eat them.

    GO GO GO GO. Please don't wait. I want them to be around forever. My children need to have their Mofongo.

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    the best Spanish food in town

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    Great place, easy access and plenty of parking. Upbeat music and wide screen TVs. Clean and friendly atmosphere. The food is awesome and very reasonable.

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    Loving the food here. I’m hooked. The grilled chicken breast is one of my favorites. Definitely recommend it.